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How cute is this idea from LoveMessagesXO on Etsy? This would be such a great gift idea to make with your kids for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or grandparent birthdays.
Order yourself a box of “Let’s go on a Date” mini envelopes, fill them out with your favorite ideas and have him select a new date idea every time you want to go out for a date! It will be something the two of you can look forward to and save a special date for later.
If he’s always stuck for date night ideas, why not gift him this box which contains 60 cards that come either pre-printed with suggestions, or blank so you can add your own.
Is your wife of an old school attitude or a hopeless romantic? In both cases, these small love cards that look like postage stamps. The messages can be customized, making them one of the best paper gifts for her.
This idea is such a turn on, you could simply place the coupons around the room or the house in noticeable areas so that your lover would wake up on the Valentines Day and get overwhelmed to find the coupons lying around. This sure is a heart-winning idea!
The possibilities are limitless! So have fun with it and make it your own. Wouldn’t a date night jar make a great gift idea for your partner’s birthday or the upcoming holidays? Just saying.
Pre-plan all your dates for the rest of the year, but keep them a surprise! Let him open one every month (or however often you want to). This is a fun way to keep the dating game exciting.
“Open when” envelope covers, so that you have a love note ready for them at every stage of life.
This tiny letter is definitely a bit quirky, but it's also one of the most unique pregnancy reveals we've ever seen.
This tiny package holds some pretty epic news that parents will be thrilled to read.
Aries wish bracelet
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