How to Throw a Successful Yoga Party

Yoga Party Ideas And Tips

Yoga Party

Throw a yoga party!

Having a yoga party is such a great idea!
Yoga activity in a group provides motivation, synergy,
and good vibes!
Yoga celebration can be for adults or kids, birthdays, bridal showers, or any type of fun gathering.

What is yoga ?

Yoga activity is an ancient practice that has originated in India.
It involves breathing, balance, physical poses, and concentration.
Using Yoga teaches us to be present at the moment.  

How to plan a yoga party?

Here is everything you need to know about how to throw a yoga celebration:

Set a budget

Before you begin planning a yoga party, make a budget, and stick to it, don’t spend more than you have…

Decide when It will be

Open the calendar and set a date and also decide at what time will the party begin and ends.

Decide where it will be

Ask yourself the next questions:
What will be the location of the yoga party?
it’s essential to be prepared in all of the following aspects:
Indoor or outdoor?
What size of room or space you will need for these yoga activities?
Where will your guest gather at first?
Where the food and refreshments will be served?
If it’s a kids birthday party, we recommend having a seating area available for parents with easy access to food/drinks
If you’re not having the event at your house book a space.

Make a guest list

Be realistic about the number of guests that you want to invite to your yoga event.
Usually, Yoga Parties can accommodate up to 20 guests, but you should consider other factors as well:
Is it a party for kids or adults?
Do you want to invite all the kids or just a little “pack” of close friends from school? 

Choose the dress code

When you do yoga, you want to make sure you are free and able to move comfortably without any worries, therefore, tell your guests to come in a comfortable dress code such as leggings and a yoga tank.

Invite your guests

Prepare Invitations and send them by mail, e-mail,  or just call them.
It is best to send the invitations three weeks before your party date.

Plan what food you want to serve

Make a list of the healthy snack and drinks that you want to serve and schedule when to prepare what.
There are things that you can make the day before, such as frozen fruit popsicles or you may consider ready-made food that you can buy.

The refreshment table will include light and healthy food such as chopped vegetables, fruit smoothies, cold water, and different types of tea. Check out my Pinterest yoga party board for food ideas and more.

Plan ahead if you need to rent something

If you want to rent something for the yoga party such as tables, chairs, or yoga mattresses,  reserve it early.

Plan the yoga activity

Ask yourself what the activity will be and who will instruct it?
You may want to bring a professional yoga instructor, or you will choose some yoga videos from YouTube.
Make sure you have enough mats for all the guests or ask the guest to bring their personal mat with them.
Here are some fun ideas to do at the yoga party: 

Do a small art project

DIY Custom Painted Yoga Mat
Give your guests a chance to express themselves.
Each guest will receive a blank mat and will express their personal style using pencils, markers, brushes, stencils, acrylic craft paints, and fabric paints.

Paint a gratitude rock
Pick smooth, flat rocks and wash them before painting them. Make sure you seal the rock before painting.
Paint your design using brushes, stencils, and acrylic colors.

Yoga coloring pages

Give them printable coloring Yoga pages and then put them to good use! 
Once you have finished coloring you can also use your colored pages as the cover of a book or journal or create one-of-a-kind scrapbooks and journals.

Yoga Coloring Pages

Yoga games

Yoga’s birthday party isn’t complete without games.
These games provide a variety of benefits for both kids and adults.

Freeze game
Each time the music stops everyone freezes into one of the yoga poses.

Yogi says 
This is a yoga version for “Simon says” game.
the instructor calls out different yoga poses, for example:” Yogi says, dog Pose”.
However, if the instructor calls out a pose without saying, “Yogi Says…”
and another guest does that pose, then they sit out.

Do yoga in the dark
Use glow accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

Yoga bingo game
Yoga Bingo is a fun and active game for all ages and It is perfect for large and small groups.

Music mats
It is played just like musical chairs, but instead of chairs, you use mats.

Practice mindfulness and meditation
Meditation is another activity you can do in a group.
Pay attention to what you’re thinking, feeling, and sensing at the moment.
Another idea is to go with your guests outside and take a walk together while noticing the details around you, use all the senses, and pay mindful attention to the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings around you.
After walking, sit together in a circle and share with the group what you felt: sensations, thoughts, and emotions.

Yoga cards for kids

Use Yoga pose cards to demonstrate the yoga poses.
choose a yoga card and place it on the ground. Everyone will then try that pose.

Yoga cards

Plan the music list

Let your playlist match the yoga theme and we recommend you ensure that there’s good sound quality. Use apple, Spotify, YouTube music.

Plan the design and decoration

Plan the decoration of the room and tables (flowers, name cards, plates, and napkins).
Design special lighting if needed.
You can decorate the party area using sage or green leaves.
You can use small stones for decoration or write the name of the guests, yoga phrases, and yoga quotes on them.

Yoga party favors

At the end of the occasion, give your guests the yoga favors and add small thank you cards. 

Yoga party favors

Set Up Your Own DIY Photo Booth

You’ll need a camera and a tripod that’s tall enough to extend to eye level.
Good lighting is a must.
Use a printed fabric backdrop and printable yoga props.

Make a shopping list

This shopping list will include refreshments, decorations, and gifts for the guests as well as cleaning supplies and materials to clean before and after the event.