Autumn Gifts that Are Made For Love

Fall Gifts for Him and Her That they will Love

Before we talk about our fall gifts for him and her first let us say a few words about the autumn season and why it is a wonderful time for some romance…

Autumn the season of love

The autumn season is a great time to fall in love firstly because there’s a good temperature to cuddle together, unlike in the hot steamy sticky summer season. Also, you don’t need a special reason to stay at home all day, for example, you can get closer while watching a scary movie on tv.
There are lots of activities that you can do together as a couple to create the kind of memories that last a lifetime, such as teaming up with your partner for a DIY couple’s costume or carve pumpkins together.

Check out our autumn gifts for him (boyfriend, husband) and presents for her (girlfriend, wife)
selection to brighten someone’s fall day: 

Fall night date idea cards for him and her

Keep your relationship exciting fall round with these DIY editable and printable date night cards.
This can be a great gift for a birthday,1st anniversary (paper anniversary) or just because you want to share your love emotion. Each card has a different message. Don’t like the messages? no worry!
You can edit them in Adobe Acrobat (free s/w) with your wording to create your own unique version.
You will also get a tag, label, and a small greeting card that you can edit with your text and use to create the perfect fall gift.
Get the fall night date ideas here.

Halloween Sexy Couples Gift

“Bugs and kisses” is a funny name we thought would be suitable for these sex coupons.
These naughty cards are a great way to add a little spark to any relationship, new or old.
They make excellent, gifts for your partner on Halloween.
Get these sex coupons for Halloween here.


Autumn Gift - Spooky Tiny Love Letter

Whatever you decide to put in the lunch box for your loved one: Fresh fruit, Crunchy vegetables, or dairy food….
Add these funny Halloween lunch box notes to show your affection.
These short love letters will put a smile on their face. Whether they are kids or adults…
All you have to do is to download, print, and cut the notes and voila you are all set!
Each card has a ready-to-print message.
Get these printable lunch boxes notes for Halloween here.


Personal blank cards - Small Love Messages

Use these 16 blank cards, each card has a cute drawing, and you can add your personal message in handwriting next to the drawing .


Gorgeous DIY Gift Tags You Can Make at Home

We all want to make a difference, so why not pick fall tags that truly do good in a short sentence!
These fall gift tags will add a nice touch to your gifts and homemade treats.
There are two types of tags in one product!
A tag and a flat card:

Plus, you can edit the tags with your personal wording.
Get these fall gits tags here.

A Creative Way to Propose on Halloween

 If you are wondering how to purpose on Halloween, we have the perfect solution for you!
It doesn’t matter if you’re inside a creepy haunted house, fun party, or just the two of
you at home you can propose while you carve pumpkins or while trick or treating
using this Halloween engagement ring box.
A ring box; on the cover it says Box of horrors! Open at your own risk…
Once you open the box you will find a small envelope printed with “open me”.
Open the envelope and you can choose one of the following options for the note inside:
Will you marry me or till death do us part?

Want to know what customers are saying about that product?
Here’s the recommendation of one of our customers about this product:
“The cherry on top of my engagement!” (arielombardozzi Aug 24, 2020)


How to propose on Thanksgiving

Proposing during the family gathering on Thanksgiving can be the perfect time to let your significant other know just how much she means to you.
You can surprise with this ring box. The print of the cover says: ‘I’m so thankful for you’.
Once you open the box you will find a small envelope printed with ‘open me'”.
Open the envelope and you find a tint note inside: ‘I’m thankful for each day I have with you. Will you marry me?’