Baby Announcement

Baby Announcement Cards
to Share Your Wonderful News

There are so many ways to tell people you’re pregnant, you can take Pictures of your positive pregnancy test, drop hints at a holiday party or you can send your family and close friends baby announcement cards.
At Love Messages XO, you will find high quality, alternative baby reveal cards that you can customize with a special love message to share your good news about the new addition to the family.
We have different types of baby cards online such as:
Tiny Pregnancy Reveal cards,” A baby is on the way” test tube cards, sibling reveals matchbox cards, and DIY printable announce baby cards that finally you can print at home. Within the same theme, we also have baby shower invitations.
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Pregnancy Matchbox Cards

Little matchbox greeting cards with hidden messages inside.

Tiny Pregnancy Reveal cards

Tiny package with a mini envelope and a small letter.

New Baby Cards - Printable

Print these baby cards from home with ease! 

Personalized Baby Cards - Printable Editable

Easily customize cards you probably will want to print at home.